Organizations collaborate every day. Unfortunately, you can’t always gather your team around a whiteboard. Sometimes you need to share information remotely -- whether it’s between multiple technicians or field workers, between those field workers and their supervisors, or between the organization and its partners or customers. With GoFormz, this type of end-to-end collaboration is not only possible but seamless.
GoFormz offers intuitive collaboration tools that can be used on individual forms, as well as automated workflows that enable standardized collaboration processes across your organization.

One-off Collaboration Tools

The following collaborative actions can be performed on an individual form:

This set of features allows you to invite both coworkers and customers to collaborate on filling out a form, lets you share completed forms with others, and lets you organize your forms to make them easier to search and filter. However, the real power lies in setting up rules that automate some of this functionality; that way, you don’t have to remember to do these things with each and every form -- they just happen automatically. This is where Workflow Automation comes in.

Automated Workflow Tools

Workflow automation is really the workhorse of GoFormz collaboration features. See here for more on Workflow Automation, including a detailed example.
Workflow automation allows you to set up actions that trigger automatically based on certain events, such as a user completing a form. The following actions can be automated:

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