A GoFormz Template is the master version of your form. This is where you define what fields go into your form, name your fields, lay them out, set default values, etc. Once the template is built, you can create individual forms based on it. From a permissions standpoint — typically, only a few users in your GoFormz account have access to editing templates, whereas all users can fill out a form.

Key properties

Here are some key terms and definitions to help you better understand GoFormz templates:

  • Template vs form: If a Template is the blank master version, then a Form is an individual instance of that template that you actually fill out. Each individual form is based on a template. See here for more on the Forms vs Templates distinction.
  • Form View vs List View: GoFormz supports two different ways to view and fill out a form. The Form View looks just like a paper form, while the List View is a more standardized layout that is optimized for smaller screens. See here for more on Form View vs List View.
  • Form fields: GoFormz supports many different field types — from common ones like text fields and checkboxes, to fields that don’t have an analog in paper forms, like images and GPS location. See here for more on available field types and how to use each one.
  • Field properties: Properties control the look and feel, layout, and functionality of each field in your form. See here for more on field properties. 

Key functionality

Here are some highlights of what you can do with form templates:

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