We've updated and redesigned our Windows app experience! With improved design, usability and performance, we’re confident you’ll love the enhanced GoFormz-Windows app experience. Here are a few of the changes you can look forward to:

  • Style improvements: We’ve stepped up our design game with our newest update. With a goal of optimizing your productivity and workflow, Team GoFormz developed a sleek, intuitive user experience.

  • Familiar Windows app feel: The app navigation is designed to thrive on Windows. It should feel instantly familiar to most Windows users, making it easier than ever to fill out and manage your forms.

  • More transparent navigation: Form creation, sync status, and settings icons are now available directly from the main Navigation Panel, making them easier to find.

  • Form Action menu: Form Actions are now available for each form in the Form List, letting you complete, download, rename and delete your forms (and more!) directly from the Form List without opening your form.

  • Streamlined form creation: The form creation flow is more intuitive than ever. To create a new form, simply press the plus icon in the Navigation Panel and choose a template.

  • Improved scalability: The Form Editor can now support hundreds of fields per page and thousands of fields per form.

Still have questions regarding our Windows App? Check out our support documentation here.

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