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Q: Which types of devices can I use with your mobile app?

A: We're unable to test every device option available for purchase. Below you'll find the device operating systems required and recommended for iOS, Android, and Windows.


iOS 14+ recommended


Android 8.0+ recommended


Version 1809+ recommended

Q: Do all users in my account need the same type of device?

A: No. Within your account you can have a mix of phones, tablets or PC’s.

Q: Does the mobile app work offline without a data connection?

A: Yes, the GoFormz mobile app will work great whether your device has a current data connection or not. As long as you can periodically connect to the internet to get updates and upload forms, you’re free to move in and out of coverage as needed.

Q: Can I be logged in to more than one device at the same time?

A: Each GoFormz user ID can be logged in to (2) mobile devices, and the user’s web account at the same time.

Q: Do I need to log out and then back in to get updates within my account?

A: No. As long as your mobile device has a solid data connection and the app is either open or running in the background, all forms and templates will automatically synchronize between your web account and your mobile devices. However with any new templates added, the background will need to be downloaded to the device before Form View can be used. This download is done by simply clicking on the template. Once downloaded the background will remain on the device and available both on and offline until the user logs out of their GoFormz account. Once logged out, all backgrounds will need to be re-downloaded to be available.

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