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Explore our FAQ for answers to the most common security questions from GoFormz users.

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Can other GoFormz users gain unauthorized access to my personal data?

No. You control who has access to your personal data.

While your services and storage are frequently shared with other accounts - your data is not.

You control who can access your data. GoFormz is a multi-tenant provider, and in keeping with industry standards in cloud computing we take extensive measures to ensure that you control who has access to your data.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in a physically secure Microsoft Azure data center.

Is my data backed up for protection?

GoFormz performs full backups each day at 1:00 AM PST. All daily backups are stored securly in Azure data centers.

Daily backups are stored for 30 days. Point-in-time recovery is enabled on every GoFormz database, and restore points are created every 15 minutes. Restore points are saved for two weeks.

In addition, Azure maintains three replicated copies of every database. The replicated copies are all located in the same physical data center.

If you require higher availability, cross-region replication is available as an add-on feature for Enterprise-tier accounts.

Is my data encrypted?

Yes. All data passing between the data center is encrypted using TLS version 1.2.

Encryption for data at-rest is available if needed.

For additional details on the security provided by Azure click here.

Does GoFormz personnel have access to my data?

While rare, there are cases where GoFormz personnel may need to directly access your account data. For example, a if you request information from our technical support team about previously deleted data.

Developer Support may also need to troubleshoot issues specific to your account. This access is limited to a select few senior members of the Technical Support and Developer Support teams and is granted on an as-needed basis.

While certain GoFormz personnel will always have some access to your databases, if you're an Enterprise-tier account user, you have the option to “mask” your actual Form data. This allows GoFormz to troubleshoot and debug your issue without being able to see the actual data you collect.

Is GoFormz HIPAA compliant?

Yes - as of July 2019, GoFormz is a HIPAA compliant business.

How does GoFormz move information between GoFormz and third-party integrations?

To ensure that your data is always secure, any data pulled from third-party integrations utilizes access granted to GoFormz via the OAuth connection. All data is encrypted - both at rest, and during transmission between systems.

Data is saved to GoFormz's internal data stores during each step of the Workflow to allow us to facilitate the flow of user data. GoFormz coordinates data between connections when required for the user-designated Workflow setup.

When multiple providers are required, each GoFormz will never connect to providers to one another, or share your credentials between providers. Instead, each provider is communicated with separately using the user-provided credentials.

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