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Form Status: Draft vs Completed
Form Status: Draft vs Completed

Learn to understand your form's status as a Draft or a Completed form here.

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A form can have two basic statuses — Draft and Completed.

  • Draft means that the form is still in progress. Perhaps you’ve started filling the form out, but have not yet finished it. Or maybe different sections of the form need to be filled out by different people, and the form is somewhere in the middle of that workflow.

  • Completed means that the form is done. No additional edits are required, and the form can be stored for your records and used for data extraction.

Forms will have different actions associated with them depending on their status. Most notably:

  • Completed forms cannot be transferred to another user

  • Depending on your user permissions, you may or may not be able to edit Completed forms; by contrast, anyone with a GoFormz account can edit a Draft form.

A form’s status can be changed in a few different ways:

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