Important note: This article is about sharing a template via Public Share. Click here to learn about sharing individual draft forms via Public Share.
GoFormz Public Share lets you share a form template with people outside of your account, allowing them to create new forms from this template. There are many situations where this is useful. For instance, you may want to place a Work Order form template’s Public Share URL on your website, allowing customers to start a work order electronically by filling out the incident date and reported problem. The partially completed form can then be routed to your company’s dispatchers, who can review it and assign to a technician as appropriate.
Public Share works by generating a URL, which can then be distributed to select recipients via email or on your website. When the recipient loads the Public Share URL, they will see a brand new form created from your template in the Public Form Editor, where they can fill it out.
In this document, we go over the following:

  • How to create and distribute a new Public Share URL for a template
  • How to manage existing Public Share URLs
  • How to view form submissions from the Public Share template

Creating and distributing a new Public Share URL

To create a Public Share URL for a template, do the following:

1. Access the Public Share window. Navigate to the Templates Tab in the GoFormz web interface, expand the [...] Actions dropdown next to the template you want to share, and select  Public Share.

2. Create a new Public Share. In the Template Public Share window that appears, click the New Public Share button in the top left. A new public share will appear, with the current date and time in its timestamp. 

3. Choose which fields you want to be editable**. By default, all template fields are editable. To change this, click the “All fields are editable” text and choose the desired mix of editable fields in the new window that appears. In this example, we made only the “Date” and “Reported Problem” fields editable. Click “Select All” to select or deselect all fields. Click Done to dismiss the window.

4. Choose an expiration time for the Public Share link. By default, the link does not expire. To change this, click the “Never expires” text and select an expiration date and time.
5. Share the link with the desired recipient. You can either copy the link URL from its text field, or click the Email link button to auto-generate an email containing the link URL in your default email client.
6. Click Done to close the Template Public Share window.

Below is an example of a fully configured Public Share URL. It has 2 editable fields, and expires at noon on 7/15/2016.

**Note on database fields: If your template has a database field that you want to make accessible via Public Share, you have to make the DataSource for that database field publicly available. Otherwise, people will not see the set of options for that field. To make the DataSource publicly available, navigate to the Account tab, select Manage DataSources from the More menu at the top of the app, and click the Public column of your DataSource to toggle it to “Yes”, as shown below. See here for more on DataSources.

Tracking forms created from Public Share

There are two ways to track forms that have been created via a Public Share URL.

  • To view all forms created from a Public Share URL: Navigate to the Templates Tab, expand the  [...] Actions dropdown next to your template, and select Public Share. Then click View forms created from this public share underneath the desired Public Share URL. You will see a list of all forms created from this URL.
  • To get notified when a new form is created from a Public Share URL: You can set up an automatic notification or some other automatic event to occur when a Public Share form is submitted, using GoFormz Workflow Automation. See here for more on Workflow Automation.

Managing existing Public Share links

To view all existing Public Share links for a particular form, navigate to the Templates Tab in the GoFormz web interface, expand the [...] Actions dropdown next to the template you want to look at, and select Public Share. The Template Public Share window will display all existing Public Share URLs for this template. In the example below, there are two URLs; the first expires at midnight on July 20, 2016, and the second never expires.

This window also lets you view, edit, enable/disable, and delete existing Public Share URLs.

  • To view the status of a Public Share URL, just look at the light grey text in the share. It will tell you how many editable fields the Public Share has, whether it is enabled, and when it expires.
  • To edit a Public Share URL’s set of editable fields or expiration date, click the “X fields are editable” or “Expires…” links, respectively.
  • To permanently remove a Public Share URL, click the X on the right side of it.
  • To temporarily disable a Public Share URL, click the Enabled text to toggle it to Disabled. You can toggle it back to Enabled in the same way.

Click Done when you are done with the Template Public Share window.

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