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Explore our FAQ for answers to the most common account management questions from GoFormz users.

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When I try to add a new user to my account, why does it say "This user ID is already in use"?

GoFormz user ID’s are created using email addresses, which are unique to each user and can only exist in one GoFormz account at a time.

If you receive the message "This User ID is already in use", it means that the email address you're attempting to use is registered to another GoFormz account.

To resolve this issue you'll need to contact GoFormz support.

What are Pending Users?

On the Users and Groups page, pending user profile activations appear in both the Pending and All tabs.

The Invite Expiration row indicates when the corresponding user's invitation expires. Access the Actions menu (. . .) to resend a profile activation to your user.

Each user profile in your account occupies a single license - including pending users. Increase your subscription count in the Billing section with the Users option.

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