Q: When I try to add a new user to my account, why does it say ”This user ID is already in use”?

A: GoFormz user ID’s are created using email addresses, which are unique to each user and can only exist in one GoFormz account at a time. You are receiving this message because the email address you are attempting to use has already been registered in another GoFormz account. Unfortunately you will need to contact GoFormz Support to get this issue resolved.

Q: What are Pending Users?

A: You'll see any pending user profile activations in both the Pending and All tabs. Here you can also reference when their invitation expires under Invite Expiration. Access the Actions menu (. . .) to resend a profile activation to your user.

After a user accepts your invite and creates a password, you'll see their profile listed in the Active tab.

When adding new users, you will not be allowed to exceed the number of licenses in your account subscription. Each enabled user takes up one license. This includes enabled users listed under the Pending tab. See here for information on how to increase your subscription count.

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