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Explore our FAQ for answers to the most common reports questions from GoFormz users.

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Below you'll find common user questions related to GoFormz reporting.

Which types of data can I report on?

Because GoFormz tracks every piece of data captured in your account, GoFormz Reports will allow you to report on all data and display it however you would like to see it.

So no matter if you’re tracking time, pricing, regulatory data, or something completely different, you can create the report that will work best for you and your business right from the web app.

What formats can a report be saved in?

Once a GoFormz report is created it can be can be saved as a CSV file.

Is there a limit to the number of reports I can have?

There are no limits for the number of reports that can exist in an account.

Can I define a specific set of users to be automatically emailed after reports are created?

Yes. Using the GoFormz report scheduler, once a report has run you can have it automatically emailed to a defined contact list as a CSV file.

Why are random characters added to my report every time there's an apostrophe?

When you paste a value from Microsoft Word into a field, a smart apostrophe is formatted into your field value.

This may also occur with quotation marks. Identify these 'smart' marks (sometimes also called typographer's marks) by their slight curl, as opposed to a standard straight mark's

To remedy this situation, you'll need to delete the existing apostrophe or quotation mark. You'll then enter your marking back into your value manually to resolve your issue.

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