We are proud to announce the release of our newly revamped user and group management interface! This includes new features that make user management more flexible, as well as a complete redesign of the interface that will streamline your user management processes.

New functionality

We understand that every organization is unique: there is no one right way to manage your users, or to use GoFormz for that matter. With that in mind, we have expanded our user and group management feature set to accommodate a wider array of organizational structures and usage patterns. Key functionality upgrades in this release include:

  • Group nesting. Groups can now be nested to create group hierarchies! This is a feature that many users have asked for. This means no more unwieldy accounts with dozens and dozens of top-level groups. Now you can create a logically-structured group hierarchy: it can mirror your organizational structure, or your geographical distribution, or any other aspect of your business that needs to be reflected in your GoFormz use patterns.
  • Multi-group membership. A user can now be a member of multiple user groups, another frequently requested feature! Many of your users perform multiple functions — and now you can reflect that in your GoForm user architecture.
  • More secure permissions architecture. Users that have not been added to a group will not have any permissions. This means that every time you create a new user, you have to decide on their permissions level. This is much more secure than the legacy approach, where users without a group were automatically granted administrative privileges!
  • Permissions inheritance. When you create a new subgroup, it inherits permissions from its parent group. You can then add new permissions on top of these existing ones — but you cannot subtract any. This adds a logical structural element to your permissions architecture, effectively enforcing best practices for group nesting.

Improved interface

In addition to the new features described above, we have updated our user interface to improve usability and transparency. Key usability improvements include:

  • Better navigation. Groups are now on the left, and users on the right, rather than both being combined in the same list. This visual separation makes navigation easier.
  • Subgroup visibility. The group list tells you the number of members and child groups within each subgroup. This provides instant visibility into the next level of your group hierarchy, for a more holistic view of your user architecture.
  • Better search. The search bar now lets you search for users using either username or email, and you can now search for groups as well. And the new search results window gives a concise hyperlinked list of all results.
  • Overall cleaner, more intuitive interface. The UI has been revamped for a more modern look-and-feel, and tweaked to make all functionality more intuitive and findable. For instance, you can now add a user to a group (or groups) during the user creation process, rather than having to do it as a separate step.

Tiered access

Different GoFormz price tiers have different levels of access to the features described above:

  • All users (including Basic/Team accounts) have the redesigned interface and more secure permissions architecture.
  • Advanced accounts have access to multi-group membership (i.e. a user can be in multiple groups), but not group nesting.
  • Enterprise accounts can access all new functionality, including group nesting and hierarchy, permission inheritance, etc.

More information

The new UI is intuitive enough that you you don’t really need documentation — but we documented it anyway. Here are the key documentation articles:

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