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Exporting Form Data
Exporting Form Data

Export This article details exporting forms in CSV format, which allows access to the raw data in the forms.

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In the Bulk Actions menu of the Forms tab of the GoFormz web app you can export CSV or PDF files containing your Form data to manage in external spreadsheet and data analysis applications.

Exporting your Form data

In the Forms tab of the GoFormz web app, select multiple Forms using the checkboxes. Access the Bulk Actions drop-down menu and click Export to CSV.

Screenshot displaying the location of the Export to CSV option in the Bulk Actions drop-down menu in the Forms tab of the GoFormz web app.

Your files will download as a ZIP file containing separate CSV files for each Template and Template Version used by the Forms included in your export.

Note: If you select only one form for Bulk Export, you will receive a single CSV file instead of a ZIP file.

Understanding your exported CSV

Your exported CSVs contain the data from the Forms matching your selected Templates.

Basic data in your export

When you open your CSV, you will see multiple rows of data. The first row contains column headings explaining the following rows. The number of rows included in your export determines the number of additional rows.

The first five columns in your CSV show the following information:

  • TemplateId: The 32-digit identifier associated with the Template used to create the corresponding Form.

  • FormId: The 32-digit identifier associated with each unique Form.

  • FormName: The name assigned to the corresponding Form.

  • CompletedDate: The date and time when the Form was most recently completed.
    If a completed Form is reopened and completed again, the new completion date displays.
    If the Form is reopened and not completed again, this field will be blank.

  • LastUpdatedDate: The date and time when the Form was most recently modified.

Beyond these first five columns, each column represents a matching Data Field and the collected data from the corresponding Form.

Note: Only text-based Data Fields are exported. Image, Location, Signature, and Sketch fields are not included in your export.

Table data in your export

If your Form includes table data, you will choose whether you want to include this data in your CSV export.

Screenshot displaying a modal requesting a command to either include or exclude table data from the requested data export in the GoFormz web app.

Including table data expands your export columns to include a set of columns for each row in the included table. As a result, the number of columns in your CSV will depend on whether you include this data in your export.

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