There are many things that you may want to do with an existing report schedule. For instance, you may want to:

  • Temporarily suspend (and subsequently reactivate) the schedule: Perhaps the report recipient is going on vacation. They don’t want to accumulate reports in their email during the break -- but want to resume the emails once they come back.
  • Change the timing or cadence: Perhaps you want to receive a report less frequently or at a different time. Or maybe you want to extend a report’s end date, because a project’s timeline got extended.
  • Edit, add, or remove a scheduled action: Perhaps you want to send the report to some additional email addresses, or save to a different Box folder.
  • Delete the schedule: Once the report is no longer needed, you may want to delete the schedule to make sure that all notifications stop.
  • We go over all of these here.

To make any changes to a scheduled report, you must first open the Scheduler dialog for that report. To do this, navigate to the Reports Tab, expand the [...] Actions dropdown next to the report you wish to schedule, and select Scheduler. NOTE: Currently, your GoFormz account can host up to 50 individual schedules for reports.

Suspending/reactivating a schedule

To temporarily suspend a schedule, uncheck the Active checkbox next to the schedule. To reactivate the schedule that has been suspended, check the Active checkbox. Click Save when you are done. In the example below, the “Work Order Daily” schedule is suspended, while the “Work Order Summary” schedule is active -- so is not getting daily emails, but weekly reports are still getting saved to Box.

Changing the timing or cadence

Click on the schedule name to display the schedule details. Then make the necessary changes in the Trigger area -- this is where you set when and how often the report will run. See the Scheduling a report article for details on using the Trigger area. Click Save when you are done.

Adding/removing scheduled actions

Click on the schedule name to display the schedule details. In the Actions area at the bottom of the dialog, you can do the following.

  • To add a new action, click the Add Action button, then enter the new action’s details.
  • To edit an action, just click on the field that you want to edit. You can change the action’s destination, the export type (CSV vs PDF), or the action itself. See the Scheduling a report article for details on all the options available here.
  • To remove an action, click the red X to the right of the action.

Click Save when you are done

Deleting a schedule

Click on the schedule name to select it, then click the Delete button in the top left corner to remove it. Click the Save button in the lower right to finalize the deletion.

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