How We Define a Known Issue

We work on isolating and fixing every product issue that we're aware of. Some issues might not be listed here. We characterize known issues as follows:

  • The issue is reproducible and consistently produces the unexpected behavior.
  • Engineers are investigating possible causes for unexpected behavior.
  • The issue is observed globally and has generated a large number of support cases.

What's NOT a Known Issue

  • Product outages: Up-to-date outage information is posted within the GoFormz Status Page.
  • Feature ideas: We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please contact your GoFormz Account Manager to share your ideas.
  • Low impact issues: We're also working to fix low impact issues but might not list them here. If you think you might be impacted by an issue that's not listed here, please contact our customer support team using the chat button on the bottom right corner of your screen.


Known Issues


  • Image Field - Error uploading screenshot when date stamp is set to true


  • Key Values - DataSources with key values that begin with # will not upload those values
  • Updating DataSource - Importing CSV in an existing datasource does not save the new rows


  • Calculator - Invalid formula syntax crashes the form editor
  • Calculator - Sum of DateValue in a table range does not work
  • Calculator - Sum of table range minus a field does not work
  • Image Field - When uploading a transparent PNG image to a form, the background (or transparent parts of the image) appear black.
  • Signature Field - Elongated Signature fields do not function correctly


  • Paging - Forms list paging is showing the incorrect forms count


  • Xfinium - Does not support certain non-acsii characters in PDF


  • Upload of initial PDF background fails randomly when creating a template
  • Fields the size of the background page cannot be dragged onto other pages
  • Designated checkbox group order placed in Template Editor is not reflected while using list view on a mobile app
  • Template Events - Subject input doesn't set state to placeholder test when fully deleted 
  • Identifier Property - field does not have a character limit
  • Shared Checkbox Group - items are not mapped as form fields of duplicated templates
  • Shared Dropdown field - items cannot be deleted


  • Creating Template - Allow users to save templates directly to a folder


  • (Android Only) Group Permissions - Users are unable to add tags to forms even if "Add tags to forms" permission is enabled for the group
  • After receiving an initial error, the same error pops up again after navigating to another page and back


  • Crop window is a circle instead of a square
  • Keyboard defaults to Alpha Keyboard on Number fields and Text fields (even if Numeric Keyboard is chosen as default)


Fixed Issues


  • Template List - Two Lunch Order templates are created
  • Form Editor - Basic Accounts are unable to fill forms on mobile
  • Form Editor - Calculation returns blank result if using any operator other than "+"
  • Form Editor - Deleted dropdown items still show in Mobile Apps
  • Form Search - When searching for a form on a device that is set to DD/MM/YYYY format (UK, NZ, etc.), an error is shown


  • App crashes and/or freezes upon opening when using an Android device v4.4.2


  • Null values present within a DataSource will cause an error when saving
  • Unable to select 5 indexes within a single DataSource


  • Shared Checkbox Group - Group items are deleted when a field is deleted when editing a copied template
  • Tab index does not work when using Edge (Browser)


  • Bulk Actions - Non-Admin users with the permission to delete forms are not able to do so in bulk from the forms list.
  • Users without permission to delete forms can still delete forms through Bulk Actions
  • Unable to download some forms from 2014 and older
  • Template list modal only shows first 25 templates
  • Identifier field not searchable on forms page
  • Filtering forms does not clear previously checked forms on page.
  • When filtering by owner, results may show duplicate forms or form not associated with the desired filter.
  • Forms list is not showing when using IE 11
  • Bulk Actions - Deleting forms by bulk actions more than once will result in an incorrect counter
  • Filtering - when searching for a user/group, typed text does not populate selection


  • Changes to the Settings Page are not reflected when using IE 11


  • Page scrolls to top when the calculation bar expands in height
  • Table - Text field doesn't include default value property when multiline is enabled
  • Table - Barcode Field does not have a default value property option
  • Text fields within a Table do not include default value property when multiline is enabled
  • Barcode fields within a Table do not include a default value property
  • Template Events - When duplicating a template, groups events can be triggered by anyone
  • When duplicating a template, shared fields dropdown items are also duplicated
  • When in list view, the formula bar does not show if list view fields exceed the height of the container
  • Cursor on multi-line text boxes does not show arrows
  • Cannot duplicate a template that does not have a tab created in list view
  • Replicating a table with checkbox column types does not set the default checkmark type
  • Unable to see more than 30 Checkbox Group Items in the Template Fields section
  • Template Events - Error is shown when adding an additional trigger if exiting triggers are already saved
  • Shared Fields - Able to delete shared fields 
  • Calculation Bar - Unclickable in IE 11 


  • Typing a space in the Email field causes the cursor to move to the start of the field
  • Admins cannot add users to a new group if "Multiple Groups" permission is disabled
  • 404 Error message shown when deactivating users
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