Custom Actions let you add new options to your form template’s actions menu. These actions can be used as you fill out the form within the mobile app or using the Web App Form Editor. In the below example, the “Directions” and “Schematics” are Custom Actions on the Mobile App. These actions leverage deep linking technology to carry out actions or bring up contextually relevant resources in other apps on your phone, or within the GoFormz app itself. Form inputs can be used to construct the right deep link and bring up the right data within the app being invoked.

Common examples of custom actions include:

  • Maps/GPS: Open Google Maps to view directions from your current location to an address within your form

  • Phone: Initiate a call to a phone number within your form

  • Documents: Open a specific document, photo or drawing stored in a cloud storage app like Dropbox or Box.

  • Forms: Launch a new GoFormz form, pre-filled with some data from your current form.

These are just some of the most common examples of Custom Actions — but many more actions are available. Any app that supports deep linking, which is most business apps these days, can be integrated with your mobile forms using Custom Actions. 

If you are interested in learning more about enabling Custom Actions for your form templates, please contact your account manager, or reach us at

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