New Functionality & Updates

Public Forms

GoFormz is proud to announce the launch of our new Public Forms feature, available to all users with the Team Edition or above! This feature lets you more easily collect information from people outside of your organization, by creating publicly accessible forms — i.e. forms that can be securely shared with users outside of your GoFormz account. You can use Public Forms to collect signatures and approvals, send surveys to your users, and much more. We charge for public forms on a per-submission basis, using credits that you can purchase directly on the Public Forms page.

Form Editor

We have rolled out a new mobile-friendly version of the web app Form Editor, with enhancements that result in a more consistent, effective experience. Form Editor improvements include:

  • Improved performance and faster load speeds

  • Centralized and optimized Calculations Engine

  • Enhanced Sketch capabilities, allowing for a more natural drawing experience

  • Increased Image field accessibility (photos can now be captured from any device)

  • Inclusion of Image field time stamps and live previews

  • Improved GPS UI and faster load times


  • Improved CSV exports for large reports: Report CSV exports now produce a single CSV file, rather than a separate CSV for every 1,000 rows in the report.

  • Continued deprecation of Legacy Reports: We have removed the ability to create new Legacy Reports. This is part of our continuing push to gradually deprecate Legacy Reports and have all customers switch to New Reports by December 9, 2019. You will still be able to view existing Legacy Reports until that date, but will no longer be able to create new ones.

Bug Fixes

Template Editor

  • When copy-and-pasting a field in the Editor, the pasted field will now appear on the page that you are on, rather than the original page from which the field was copied

  • In the List View, sections can now be moved and added anywhere, rather than just to the bottom of the page

  • Administrator group no longer shows as a transfer option in Template Events 

  • In the “Save to Box” Template Event, the placeholder examples for the Metadata Template & Customer Metadata attributes now have the correct format


  • The Send Email workflow action now works for all configurations

  • In the Workflow Jobs list, the Job Status filter now defaults back to “All” when other filter options are deselected

Forms List

  • Bulk export of forms now works for all forms, no longer failing for large exports

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