Bug Fixes & Updates

Forms & Form Editor

  • Auto Numbers now generate properly in all scenarios

  • Database fields in forms now work properly with longer filter strings

  • Database field with the “Allow Other” option turned on now work properly, allowing users to enter their own text into the field

  • Zooming in Form Editor updated to work properly for every screen resolution

  • Form export functionality in the Form Editor is now more robust


  • Upsert DataSource workflows now work properly for all configurations

  • fileUrl inputs were updated across multiple workflow actions to work properly when the form name contains a comma

  • Workflow Schedule trigger is now more robust, handling all settings appropriately

  • Saving scheduled workflows no longer causes duplicate workflows to be created in some situations


  • Access to templates and reports is now fully restricted when the corresponding management permissions are turned off

  • Trying to open a form to which you do not have permissions now fails more gracefully

  • Public Forms icon now only appears when the user has the permissions to view public forms

Public Forms

  • Auto Number fields in Public Forms no longer cause errors

  • Several small UI fixes to make using Public Form more intuitive


  • Date Range filter now works properly, showing only results within the selected range

  • In Report Designer’s “Order Columns” dialog box, long column names are now handled more gracefully


  • Paging controls have been updated to be consistent throughout the Web App

  • Template Editor styling issues in Firefox (formula bar, zoom slider) were fixed

  • Miscellaneous Android app bug fixes

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