New Functionality

Workflows & Connected Apps

  • Box and Dropbox Recipes: We have added new Workflow recipes for our Box and Dropbox integrations. This lets you easily create automated workflows that upload your completed forms to your Box or Dropbox accounts, without writing any code.

  • Re-run jobs easily: We have added a Re-Run button in the top right corner of every Workflow Job Log page, allowing you to easily re-run any job. This is particularly useful for failed jobs — after troubleshooting a failed job, you can quickly re-run it to see if your solution worked. Previously, you would have to re-create the job’s trigger (e.g. find the triggering form, reopen it, and re-complete it), which was tedious.

  • Update app connections without having to update workflows: A Reconnect action now appears on all app connections in the Connected Apps page. This allows you to update a broken connection (e.g. update the username or password) without having to update all the workflows that are using that connection. Previously, you would have to delete the broken connection and create a new one, then update all workflows to use the new connection.

Public Forms

  • Trial account support: Public Forms are now enabled in GoFormz trial accounts, giving new users 25 free credits to try out the Public Forms functionality.

Bug Fixes & Updates

Form Editor

  • You can now paste values into a form’s number field using standard keyboard paste shortcuts (CTRL+V / CMD+V).

  • Formulas can now be used in an Identifier field; previously, setting a field to be an Identifier broke all formulas within the form

  • Dropdown fields now work without any unexpected glitches

iOS App

  • Updated the app icon

  • Fixed misaligned fields on rotated PDFs

  • Share button will no longer update the Last Updated Date of a form

  • Template name updates are now synced properly from the web app

Templates & Template Events

  • For templates with multiple template events, failure of one template event no longer causes all other events with the same trigger to re-run; this was sometimes causing duplicate emails to be sent in the past.

  • More informative error message when deleting a template fails due to the template being in use.


  • Several updates to improve product stability and reduce errors, particularly during peak use hours when our databases are processing many concurrent requests.

  • Miscellaneous UI tweaks and UX fixes on the Connected Apps, Workflows, and individual workflow web app pages.

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