New Functionality


  • Search box: The new Search box at the top of the Workflows list lets you search workflows by name.

  • Workflow management for all: All users with access to the Workflows Tab are now able to delete workflows as well as toggle workflows between active and inactive states. Previously, this functionality was reserved only for those who are able to edit workflows.

Public Forms

Credit management alerts: We have added two email alerts that will help you manage your Public Forms credits. These emails will be sent to all GoFormz account administrators when the appropriate conditions are met.

  • A Warning Email will be sent when your Public Form credits are running low. This is driven by a new Credit Threshold that you can set on the Public Forms page. The email is sent as soon as the number of credits in your account dips below this threshold.

  • An Action Required Email will be sent when you completely run out of Public Form credits.


New “Starts with” filter for Form Name field: When designing a report, you can now filter it on the start of your Form Name. This is very useful when you have a set of forms with unique names that all start the same way (e.g. “Maintenance Work Order” followed by the work order number).

Bug Fixes & Updates

Workflows and Connected Apps

  • Added a warning message when leaving the workflow editor without saving changes.

  • Fixed the Reconnect button for Connected Apps so that it no longer fails in certain scenarios.

Form Editor

  • Fixed CSS issues with several form input controls (Date, Date Time, Database, Image).

  • The Allow Override field property now works for table columns. This property lets you override a default field value when filling out a form.

  • Images cropped in Windows now upload properly into the Image and Sketch fields of a form.


  • Fixed issue with submitting certain Public Forms.

  • Fixed the Email Status tooltip on the Users & Groups page to properly reflect the email status icon colors.

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