New Functionality & Updates

Web App Search

  • Standardization: Search functionality across all lists in the web app now behaves the same way, including the Forms, Workflows, Templates and DataSources lists.

  • Improved usability - easy search dismissal: The magnifying glass across all these list search boxes now turns to an X after a search is executed. This allows you to easily cancel the search and return to the full list.

  • DataSource rows search: The new Search box at the top of each DataSource page lets you search the DataSource’s Key column. Enter a search string in this box and press [Enter] to see all DataSource rows with a Key value that starts with your string.


  • New “Owner Phone Number” metadata field: You can now add a column containing the form owner’s phone number to your reports in the Report Designer. This can be useful if you need to easily contact the form owner with questions about their form submission.

Kindle App

We have released a Kindle App update, which includes many different enhancements and bug fixes. Some of the highlights are listed below. Please contact your GoFormz account manager with any questions.

  • Implemented new Calculator Library

  • Allowed DataSource & Dropdown fields to wrap

  • Allowed list of DataSources to show more than 25 items if online

  • Added support for ISNUMBER(), SUMIF()/SUMIF2() and LOG() calculations

  • Added ability to enable/disable Auto Sync on Mobile Device

  • Updated Mobile Translations

  • Enhanced Location Manager

  • Implemented Secure Logout on Mobile

  • Fixed various bugs found in the mobile Calculator, PDF Generator and GPS tool.

  • Fixed bug causing an error when uploading a photo with a Date Stamp if taken on a Kindle

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