New Functionality & Updates

Template Editor

  • Copy & Paste: You can now copy & paste selected field(s) across pages and templates  using the new Copy and Paste buttons in the upper right corner of the Template Editor, or the Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V keyboard shortcuts. Check out more in this blog post!

Bug Fixes

Template Editor
Fixed some inconsistencies found when dragging a field onto a template. The issues fixed include:

  • A selected field "jumping" when released on the template.

  • Fields being placed outside of the template background.

  • A field “jumping” or not being placed in the template at all when it is dragged onto the template slowly.

Form Editor & Forms List

  • Completed forms are no longer updated with the Default Form Name — only Draft forms are.

  • Form names now allow up to 200 characters.

  • The Public Form indicator now shows for forms submitted via the Public Form link.


  • The DateValue function now works as expected in Firefox.

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