New Functionality & Updates

Reporting Tool

  • Default Filter on Reports: When creating a new report using the Report Builder, the Report Designer now automatically applies the “Last Updated Date is within Last 90 Days” filter. This filter helps reduce errors seen when loading large amounts of data. While we encourage you to use this filter, you can remove or adjust it using the Filter button in the Report Designer.

  • Hyperlinked Form Name & Form ID: If Form Name and/or Form ID are included as columns in your report, the displayed values are now hyperlinked to their corresponding forms in the Report Viewer. When clicked, a new tab launches with the form in the Web Form Editor. Note that these hyperlinks are not present in the Report Designer preview — they are only in the Report Viewer.

  • Reorder Columns Alphabetically: You can now reorder Report columns alphabetically by column name using the Order Columns modal in the Report Designer.

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