New Functionality & Updates

Notification Center for Bulk Downloads & Manual Reports

New Notification Center: The GoFormz Notification Center is the new home for your exported GoFormz data.

This includes:

After initiating a manual Report Export or a Bulk PDF Download, your file will immediately begin to export in the Notification Center. You can follow the progress of your export in the opened Notification Center and, once ready, download your file directly to your computer.

To learn more, click here.

Account Password Enhancements

Enhanced Password Requirements: Passwords for new and existing accounts will now need to meet the following enhanced password requirements:

  • 8 characters or more

  • 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase character

  • 1 number

  • 1 special character

Passwords will expire after 90 days of use. When your password expires, you will simply be asked to create a new one before accessing your account. Passwords can be changed at anytime using the Forgot Password link on the Login Page or through the Users & Groups page on the Web App.


Template Editor

  • Fixed a bug that caused some Template PDF backgrounds to distort when uploading in the Template Editor.

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