New Functionality & Updates

Mobile Automatic Sync Timer - Updating from 60 seconds to 90 seconds

Mobile Sync Time: The GoFormz mobile apps (iOS, Android & Windows) will a now sync automatically (when online) every 90 seconds.

Workflow Recipes - New Procore Recipe

New Procore Recipe: The new Procore Recipe allows users to easily create a simple workflow for uploading forms to a Procore Project.

  1. This Recipe is triggered by a Form Completed from the designated Template.

  2. The form is then exported into a PDF

  3. Finally, the form uploaded as an attachment to the chosen Procore App Connection [managed on the Connected Apps page].

[Note: Workflow is available at the Advanced Subscription level and above]

Custom Workflow Step - Create a Public Form

Create Public Form Step: With the help of our ProServices team, users can now create a Public Form link based in a Form (Single Use Public Form) using a Custom Workflow step.

Datasources - Allow New Datasource to be Available for Public Forms

Allow Public Forms Option: Users can now enable new Datasources to be available for Public Forms. If checked, this Datasource will be able to be used by Forms accessed and completed by public users (non-GoFormz users).

[Note: Custom workflows must be created by the GoFormz Professional Services team]

Bugs Fixed

  • Public Forms - Fixed bug that caused users to get "stuck" when interacting with a modal while zoomed in. [affected Web App Form Editor only]

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