New Features & Updates

You can now take ownership of a shared form from the search results

Text Field Character Limits

Added support for custom character limits set on Text Fields in the Template Editor

Mobile Sign Up Form

Updated mobile sign up page to open in browser (the same sign up page as used on desktop web)

Barcode Scanner Upgraded

Upgrade ZXing barcode scanner version for improved accuracy

Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed bug causing the Last updated date to update when tapping share on a draft

  2. Fixed bugs causing field misalignment and text values on rotated PDFs

  3. Fixed bug causing incorrect use of scientific notation

  4. Fixed bug preventing the ability to filter datasource values containing a single quotes

  5. Added support for Russian and Greek characters in PDF export generator

  6. Fixed bug causing the app to sync twice before updating the name of a renamed template

  7. Fixed bug causing the Column() to reference the wrong source

  8. Fixed a bug causing DFP formulas to always check the default selected in dropdown fields when reopening a form

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