New Features & Updates

Form History on Web

Like in the GoFormz Mobile Apps, you can now view the history of a form on the GoFormz Web App. This includes records like when the form is created, transferred, completed, and reopened.

The Form History can be accessed two ways in the Web App:

1. In the actions menu on Forms tab

2. In the Form menu when in the Form Editor

Currency & Time Formatting based on Locale

The GoFormz Calculation Engine can now handle different locale based formatting for currency and time. For example: if you use the decimal comma system, the calculations run and the resulting number will using the same format.

If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to our support team or your account manager to have this enabled on your account

(Note: this feature is available only on the Web App per this release. Releases for each mobile app will follow shortly)

Template Editor Updates

Template Actions

We have consolidated the Template Editor actions at the top of the editor into a single menu now accessed by the Setting Button to the right of the Save Changes.

Here, you can edit Template Events and Custom Actions, set Print Configs, and open a new form or create a Public Form.

Line Height Update

The Template Editor will no longer allow users to set a line height that is smaller than the selected font size. This is to prevent malformatted fields and pdfs that may cause difficulty viewing the data entered.

Workflow Updates

(note: Workflow is available for subscriptions Advanced or above)

We've made editing and creating new Workflow recipes a little easier. See below for details on these improvements.

Step Outputs

When editing a Key Value in a Workflow, the step outputs and inputs will now be displayed in a dropdown menu for your reference and selection.

If you enter an invalid Value, the value will show as red, letting you know you may need to make an edit.

The full Trigger step outputs will also be displayed on that step under your template selection.

Clone an Existing Workflow

All Workflow users can now clone an existing Workflow from the actions menu on the Workflow Tab. This will copy all steps, keys and values of the original workflow.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug when the caused a form to "hang" indefinitely after completing the form if the device is unable to get current location

  • Fixed a bug causing multiline text fields to not aligning properly when exporting a PDF and in the Form Editor. (Note: bug fix is available only on the Web App per this release. Releases for each mobile app will follow shortly)

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