New Features & Updates

New Workflow Recipe - Send email when form is completed

You can now use a workflow recipe to send a form via email once it is completed using our Send Email Recipe on the Workflow tab.

To use the Send Email recipe, navigate to the Workflow tab and select the Create button on the top left corner. Then select the Send Email Recipe in the dropdown options.

This will take you to the Workflow Editor where you can select the trigger Template, decide what pages you want to include in the PDF of the form an who you would like to send the email to.

[Note: Workflow is available for customers Advanced and above]

Calculator in Workflow

When creating or editing a workflow, you can now use the GoFormz Calculation Engine to determine your Values. This is helpful when adding conditional logic to your Workflow steps based on the values of your form. To learn more about GoFormz Calculations, click here.

Webview Custom Action available on the Web App Form Editor

Webview Custom Actions are now available on the Web App Form Editor. Webview custom actions allow users to open a web page from the Form Editor and pass data between your GoFormz Form and the destination web page. Admins can create a Web View Custom Action in the Template Editor. [Note: Custom Actions are available for Enterprise Subscriptions]

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing the template editor to not save changes if all recent changes are undone using the Undo button or shortcut

  • Fixed a bug causing the Web App Form Editor Page selector to go to the incorrect page when typed

  • Fixed a bug causing AutoNumber Fields to reset every time it is used if the value is greater than 100 characters

  • Fixed a bug causing users to be unable to Take Ownership of a form if the Reopen Forms permission is denied (web app only)

  • Fixed a bug causing DataSource filtering using nested conditionals to throw an error on matching columns

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