New Features & Updates

  1. Updated mobile sign up page to open in the browser

  2. Removed the ability to update account password on the mobile settings page

  3. Added support for allowing users to take ownership of a shared form from general search

  4. Added support for character limits on Text Fields (set in Template Editor)

  5. Added support for running calculations upon sync

  6. Added support for JSON Calculation Type (set in Template Editor)

  7. Upgraded ZXing barcode version for Barcode Fields

  8. Updated the Calculation Engine to properly handle decimal comma format (Note: this setting does need to be set account-wide by GoFormz)

Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed a bug causing users to be unable to take ownership of a shared form is isingroup feature is disabled

  2. Fixed a bug causing the Default Form Name to include line breaks if referencing a multiline field

  3. Fixed a bug causing Vlookup to not function property inside other calculations

  4. Fixed a bug causing Image and Sketch fields to not function properly if only in List View

  5. Fixed a bug causing multiline text fields to misalign when exporting to PDF

  6. Fixed a bug causing the DATE() calculation to return the incorrect value when adding months to a date

  7. Fixed a bug causing an error to show when opening a form offline

  8. Fixed a bug requiring a renamed template to be synced twice before updating the name on the device

  9. Fixed a bug causing the Last Updated Date to be updated when sharing a draft form

  10. Fixed a bug causing text to be misaligned when exporting a PDF with 90/270 rotations

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