New Features & Updates

List View for Public Forms

Public Forms can now be shared in List View or Form View. This means non-GoFormz users can complete a form exclusively in List View using your Public Form Link. List View allows the user to view the form fields without a PDF background and organizes the fields using Tabs and Sections. Both List View and Form View are mobile-friendly and easy to complete on any device.

To select List View for your Public Form, simply choose which Form View Type you would like to display to your end-user on the "Configure your Public Form" Step or creating or editing a Public Form link.


  • Templates should be built in List View in the Template Editor before choosing to send a List View Public Form.

  • A Public Form cannot display in Form View and List View.

Web Form Editor Updates

Form View Date Range

You can now add a date up to 100 years in advance using the Date picker in the Web Form Editor.

Use the Tab key to move to only editable fields on your form

When using the Tab key on a Web Form Editor and when editing a Public Form, the next selection will only account for editable (non-locked) fields. This means that if Field B is next in the tab index, but is set to not be editable, they Tab action will skip this field and go straight to Field C (the next field in the tab index).

Note: You can set your tab index in the Template Editor Properties section.

Workflow Fields - Create Form & Update Form Steps

When editing an existing or creating a new Workflow, the Create Form and Update Form Workflow steps will now show a simplified section for referencing fields.

In this new section, you can tell your workflow to update a field by entering the Field Name (as determined in the Template Editor) and the Field Value (the value you would like to be displayed on your new or updated form). The Field Value can include calculations, reference other steps, or simply add text as we have done in the example above. To add more fields, simply select the "+ Add" at the bottom of this section.

Bugs Fixed


  • Fixed a bug causing the background images of a form not to load when viewing forms

  • Fixed a bug making the tab button not work when tabbing to another page and while zoomed in

  • Fixed a bug causing a Form page not to load when the Number of Rows is set to be greater than the Row Count in a Table Field

  • Fixed a bug causing updated Dropdown Collections do not sync correctly


  • Fixed a bug causing the screen to show white when typing an expression in the Key

Log In & Authentication

  • Fixed a bug causing the user to be redirected to a white screen when an invalid email address is entered upon login

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