New Features & Updates

"Allow Override" property now available for Multiline Text Fields

You can now use the Allow Override property setting when configuring a Multiline Text Field in the Template Editor.

If set to 'Yes', this property allows a user to enter their own value in the field when completing the form, overriding the default value formula set in the Template Editor. If set to 'No', the field will always default to the calculated default value.

Dynamically change the font color of a field using a custom calculation

You can now use a calculation to dynamically update the font color of a field through the Color property.

To enter a custom calculation for font color, select the field you would like to edit and navigate to the Color property in the Properties panel.

Select the action button to the right of current hex color and click "Use a custom calculation". Here, you can enter a calculation to determine what the color the font should display for this field.

For example: The calculation =IF([Checkbox B],"#FF0000","#FFA500") will change the color of font used in this field to Red (hex code #FF0000) if field Checkbox B is checked. If it is not checked, the font color will be Orange (hex code #FFA500).

When referencing a color in a calculation, you must use the Hex code for that number. This is a great resource for finding the Hex code of any color: Google Color Picker.


  1. Dynamic Field Properties [DFP] do need to be enabled to use this feature. DFP is are available starting at the Advanced subscription level.

  2. Font Color is available for Table Fields as a full table Display setting, but will not apply to individual cells.

You can now access Deeplink Custom Actions in the Web App Form Editor using the 'Form' menu in the top right corner of the editor. To learn more about Custom Actions and the different types of actions GoFormz offers, visit this help page.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing the copied templates to appear in the root folder if the folder name already exists

  • Fixed a bug that shows dates offset by less than 60 seconds if the location is set to Finland or similar time zones.

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