New Features & Updates

  • Updated the Calculation Engine to properly handle decimal comma format (Note: this setting does need to be set account-wide by GoFormz)

  • Added support for font color Dynamic Field Properties using a calculation (Note: see GoFormz Release Notes 2020.8.11)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing multiline text fields to misalign when exporting to PDF

  • Fixed a bug causing Image and Sketch fields to not function properly if only in List View

  • Fixed a bug causing users to be unable to take ownership of a shared form is isingroup feature is disabled

  • Fixed a bug causing the Windows App to crash if list view sections with many fields are expand and collapsed

  • Fixed a bug causing default form names that reference multiline text fields to include line breaks

  • Fixed a bug causing Vlookup to not function properly inside an IF statement or similar calculations

  • Fixed a bug causing dropdown fields in list view to display the incorrect value

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