Welcome! We are excited to provide early access to the Template Versioning tool for your account. Please review the below information thoroughly before confirming you would like to start Early Access.

Once you are ready to start or if you have any questions, just send a message using the Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at product.goformz.com.

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Early Access Requirements

What is required for Early Access Beta Testing?

Templates: At least one template that is currently in use by your form users

Mobile Apps: GoFormz Mobile Apps must be updated to the following versions or above respectively.

  1. iOS: 3.4.37

  2. Android: 3.3.65

  3. Windows: 3.3.56

Note: If a form is created using a mobile app that is not updated to the latest app version and Template Versioning is enabled, their form will always update to the latest version. In other words, their form will not respect the version it was created from, but rather update to the latest version each time a new version is released. [this is the same behavior experienced in GoFormz before Template Versioning]

What should I know before I agree to Template Versioning Early Access?

  1. Template Versioning is enabled account-wide. This means that all users and admins will have this enabled when using GoFormz, however, only those who have access to the Template Editor will see the changes described below.

  2. Once Template Versioning is enabled on your account, it cannot be disabled. This is because your templates will begin creating versions starting at Version #1 (your current version) and will increment with each published version. This is a new way for GoFormz to store your templates and cannot be reversed.

  3. This is an Early Access opportunity. While we are very confident in the stability and functionality Template Versioning provides, this is not a fully released feature to all accounts. We reserve the right to change the feature based on customer feedback and make improvements as needed.

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What is Template Versioning?

Template Versioning allows Template Builders to get the right updates in the hands of your Form Users. Each update that is published creates a new version of the template to be used when a new form is created by a Form User on the Web or Mobile Apps.

Template Versioning will look slightly different depending on your role and purpose while using GoFormz:

  • For Template Builders (Admins): Template Versioning will allow Template Builders (those who have access to the Template Editor) to build or edit a template, save that template as a draft, and preview those changes in a preview Form Editor on the Web App. When they are satisfied with the template, the Template Builder can then publish this version of the template. Publishing a template creates a new version for your form users to download using the mobile apps or create a new form using the Web Form Editor.

  • For Form Users: Template Versioning allows Form Users to maintain the version of the template they started when they created their form. This means that if User A started their form using Template version #2, their form will not automatically update to version #3 when it is published. User A's form will still use Template version #2 for the entirety of the form's lifecycle. All new forms created after Version #3 is published will use Version #3 until Version #4 is published, etc.

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How To Use Template Versioning - The Template Editor

Once Template Versioning is enabled, Template Builders will notice a few new buttons at the top of your template editor.


The Preview button allows you to open your current template in a preview mode of the Web Form Editor. This preview Form Editor will open in a new tab and show a view of a form from this template.

In preview mode, you will be able to test all calculations, database references, and field functionality set in the Template Editor. However, you will not be able to submit the form as it is just a quick preview to test your changes.

Note: Selecting the Preview button will automatically save your latest changes as a draft.

Save Draft

The Save Draft button allows you to save your latest changes to your template as a draft. This can be used to save the changes that you are not quite ready to publish to your Form Users yet..

Note: Saving as a draft does not make these changes available to Form Users and does not create a new version of your Template.


Finally, the Publish button allows you to deploy your changes to your Form Users. This creates a new version of your Template to be downloaded and used by your end-users. The publish button will only be active if all recent changes have been saved as a draft.

Note: Once a template is published, you cannot revert to a previous version at this time. You must publish a new version to correct any changes.

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Does saving a draft create a new version?

No, a new version of your template is only created when you publish that version from the Template Editor. This also means that Form Users will not be able to access any changes that have been saved as a draft and not published.

How Does Template Versioning affect the Reporting Tool?

The GoFormz Reporting tool will always report on the latest published version of the template. For example, if a field is deleted from the template and a new version is published, the reporting tool will only include the fields that exist on this new version, not the fields that existed in previous versions.

When template versioning is enabled, what version will my Templates start at? How will the version increment?

Once Template Versioning is enabled, all Templates in your account will begin at Version 1 regardless of any number of changes you have made in the past. As new versions of the form are published, your template versions will increment by one whole number (Version 1, Version 2, Version 3, etc.)

Can you revert to a previous version of a Template?

At this time, you cannot revert to a previous version of a template once it is published. You must Publish a new version of that template to deploy changes to your Form Users.

If I publish a new version of the template, will my workflow still trigger if a form is using a previous template version?

Workflows will continue to trigger when a form is completed from any version of the chosen template. However, if a field name is changed from one version to the next and the workflow input is not updated to reference the new field name, it will only pull in data from the forms that use the old form name in the previous version.

For example, if you are referencing "Field A" of your template in a workflow and then change the name of the same field to "Field A-2", the workflow will NOT automatically update to this new name in the input. It will still pull in data from forms that use the template version where the field was named "Field A" but it will not pull in data from new forms that are created from the template version where the field name is "Field A-2".

Check back soon! This list will always be growing with more frequently asked questions!

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