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Copying a Template
Copying a Template

Learn how you can easily copy a mobile form Template here.

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To copy a template, navigate to the Templates Tab, expand the [...] Actions dropdown next to the template that you want to copy, and select Duplicate. In the dialog that appears, enter the name of your new template and click OK. The new template will immediately appear in the templates list.

Note: The name of your new template must be unique. It cannot share a name with an existing template.

Copying a template is useful when you want to build a new form template that’s similar in structure and content to an existing template, but with a few small differences. In this common scenario, you can copy the existing template and use it as a starting point for your new form template. For instance, suppose your company does HVAC repair, but the Work Order form has a few small differences depending on whether it is a heating or air-conditioning work order. In this scenario, you would might first build a template for the heating work order form, then make a copy, and make the requisite changes for the air-conditioning template.

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