New Features & Updates

Workflow Editor Updates

Note: Workflow is available for subscriptions Advanced or above. If you are interested in learning more about Workflow or enabling this on your account, please reach out to your Account Manager or our support team using the Intercom Bubble below.

Scroll through Workflow Steps independently of the Workflow Inputs Section

For longer workflows, you can now scroll the list of steps independently of the inputs section on the right. This allows you to always see the most important information regardless of your location in the workflow editor.

View the order of your steps by number on the Workflow Editor

As you add steps to your workflow, you can now view the number order of steps more easily on the left side of the editor.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug causing the IsInGroup() calculation not to execute when referencing the Administrator Group

  • Fixed bug causing tag updates and the renaming of a form to not reflect in the mobile app

  • Fixed a bug causing the color property in table fields to ignore custom calculations

  • Fixed a bug causing the form not to load if the Default Form Name is blank

  • Fixed a bug causing Page Visibility calculations to not execute if referencing table data [Available only on Web - pending further releases in mobile apps as well]

  • Fixed a bug causing search on DataSources page to not reset to page 1 before showing results

Features In Early Access

Below are new features that are currently available as Early Access features. If you would like to participate in Early Access, please email our product team at

NOTE: You must be an Account Administrator to request access to Early Access for your account. All early access features are still in progress. This means that they are subject to potential bugs, feature updates, and changes due to user feedback.

  1. Improved DataSource Upload (Learn about the changes here: Creating a Datasource (Beta) & Editing a DataSource (Beta))

  2. Template Versioning (Please read this document before requesting early access: Template Versioning Early Access)

  3. Form Versioning (Enhanced Form History view on the Web App)

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