New Features & Updates

GoFormz Web App Update: Full Width Pages & Updated Account Center

Full Width: All GoFormz pages are now full width, allowing for easier viewing and navigation throughout the Web App.

Account Menu Icon: When logged in, you will see your Account Menu represented by a circle in the top right corner of your screen.

By default, GoFormz will show the initials of the account name you signed up with.

If you have a Gravatar account, GoFormz will automatically show your chosen image in this space.

Once you open the Account Menu, you can see the full name of the account you are signed in as.

Help & Support Button: The Help & Support button is now represented by the ? icon to the left of your Notification Center and Account Menu. When selected, the GoFormz help site will open in a new tab.

DataSource Upload: Preview file before uploading

When uploading a new CSV file to create a DataSource or update an existing DataSource, you can now preview the first 10 rows and all columns of your file to confirm you are uploading the right data to the right place.

Preview CSV File: After selecting the file you would like to upload, you will see a preview of your data, including the column headers.

Here, you can choose to select the first row as the Header Row before uploading.

Duplicate Key Warning: This preview will also help prevent duplicate Key data from being uploaded, causing a bad data situation for your forms. If this error is found, you must fix your CSV in Excel or a similar program and re-upload before moving forward.

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