New Features & Updates

Introducing: Form Versioning

The new GoFormz Form Versioning tool helps you create a comprehensive audit trail for each form by automatically saving a version of your form when a significant event or change occurs. For example, a new version will be saved when a form is:

  • Created

  • Reopened

  • Modified

  • Ownership was taken of the form

  • Transferred

  • Completed

You can view the full history of a form in the GoFormz Web App on the Forms tab by opening the actions menu and selecting History. The Form History can also be viewed from the Web Form Editor in the Form actions menu.

In the Form History, you will see each version that has been saved starting with when the form was first created. For each version, the history modal will show:

  • The user who owns the form at each event

  • Date/time when the version was created

  • The environment used to create the version (Web App, Mobile App, System)

  • Link to a read-only view of that version in the Web Form Editor

Any user who has access to a form can view the form history from the web app and the current version of a form will always be the latest version. This means that your form will stay up to date while maintaining those past "snapshots in time" of your form versions.

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Web Form Editor Adjustments - In-app Experience & Mobile Friendly design

We have made a few adjustments to the Web Form Editor that are aimed to improve mobile adaptiveness and ease of navigation throughout the site, and to give the user more room to focus on what's most important, the form! See below for a few of the updates included in this release:

Open within the GoFormz Web App

When opening a form in the Web Form Editor, the form will open in the same tab by default, instead of a new tab.

You will also notice that the Web Form Editor includes the global Web App navigation bar seen at the top of every GoFormz Web App page. This is to allow for easy navigation throughout GoFormz and to get you to where you need to be more easily once you're done viewing your form.

Left Actions Bar

In order to give the Form Editor a more mobile adaptive design, we have moved the items previously found in the left actions panel to now live under the Form action menu in the top right corner of the editor.

We have also removed a few options from this menu that are no longer needed now that you can navigate more easily throughout the GoFormz Web App. These include:

  • Create a New Form

  • Switch Form

  • Close Form

Mobile Adaptive Design

Finally, the Web Form Editor is now fully mobile-adaptive. This means that forms can be easily opened, edited, and completed using any device including mobile smartphones, tablets, and smaller touch screen 2-in-1 devices.

At mobile breakpoints (tablet or smaller) the following will update in the form editor:

  1. The global menu will adjust to the Hamburger menu option

  2. The Complete Button will be moved to the Form action menu

  3. The zoom and page jumping controls are removed in favor of pinching and scrolling with your fingers

Have feedback or questions about the Form Editor updates? Send us a quick chat using the bubble in the bottom right corner or email

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug preventing the user from setting a DataSource to offline and displaying an error that the DataSource already exists

  • Fixed a bug allowing users to create a new DataSource with a duplicate name of an existing DataSource

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