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Advanced Field Types - Drop-down Fields
Advanced Field Types - Drop-down Fields

A Drop-down field is a pop-out menu containing a list of items, from which only one selection can be made.

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Description: A Drop-down field is a pop-out menu containing a list of items, from which only one selection can be made. When adding a Drop-down field to your template in the Template Editor, the contents of the list are entered manually or filled with a reusable Collection. Drop-down fields can also be set up to allow write-in entries by setting the Allow Other property to "Yes".

Common Usage: Drop-down fields are broadly useful, but are recommended when a user is selecting a single item for 4 or more choices. (For fewer than 4 options or multiple-selection, a Checkbox Group may be a better fit.) For example, if your business has an employee list, you could create a Drop-down menu based on that list of names so that the employees could enter their name on a form with just two taps!

Note: You can save your list of Drop-down menu options and reuse it elsewhere. These saved lists are called Collections and are outlined below.

Creating a Drop-down Field

To add a Drop-down field to your form, do the following:

  1. Simply drag the field into your template from the Template Fields panel, as you would with any other field type.

2. Click the Customize button next to the Select Items property in the Properties panel. The Drop-down Options dialog will appear.

3. Use the Drop-down Options dialog to add a list of options to your dropdown. You have two choices here — you can either add your options from scratch, or insert an existing collection. See the Drop-down Options Dialog section below for a detailed overview of both. Click Done when your list is completed.

4. If you want your menu to have a write-in option, set the Allow Other property to "Yes"; otherwise, leave it as "No".

5. Continue to change other field properties as you would for any other field. See here for more on field properties for Drop-down menus.

The Drop-down Options dialog lets you create or edit the list of options that appears in your Drop-down field. To launch this dialog, click the Customize button next to the Select Items property in the Properties panel.

Once the dialog is open, you can add an option by clicking the Add button at the top. To delete an option, click the X next to that option. The following properties are available for each option:

  • Order: The position in which this option will appear in the Drop Down list (1=top, 2=second from top, etc.). To change the order of an option, mouse over the order number. You will see small up and down arrows, letting you move the option up or down in the list.

  • Default: If you want this option to appear by default when the form loads, check this box. Please only select one default per menu.

  • Display Text: The name that will appear in the Drop-down list when a user fills out the Form.

  • Value: The value corresponding to this option. By default, this value will be the same as the Display Text, but you can change it. This value will appear in reports, and will be passed to any formulas referencing this field. For example, you might have the Display Text be "25%" while the value is "0.25".

There are two additional buttons at the bottom of the dialog:

  • Save as collection: Click this to save your drop down items, allowing them to be reused elsewhere in this form, as well as in other forms that you create. This is handy if you have Drop-down lists that you frequently use, such as a list of employees. (Note: Collections can not be deleted. If you want to delete a Collection, please email

  • Insert collection: Click this to bring up a list of previously saved collections of items. Then select the collection that you wish to use for this Drop-down menu.

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