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Advanced Field Types - Checkbox Groups
Advanced Field Types - Checkbox Groups

Learn to configure and leverage Checkbox Groups within your mobile form Templates.

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Description: A Checkbox Group is simply a collection of individual Checkbox fields. By using the single-select property, a Checkbox Group will control its constituent Checkbox fields to only allow one box to be checked at any given time. However when the multi-select property is used, the Group will just act as an organizational tool and will make the Checkboxes more manageable inside Reports.

Common Usage: Groups are well-suited to the common use case of “select one box from the options below,” because they allow only one checkbox of the group to be checked at any given time (when single-select is set). Perhaps you want a status indicator on your form, so you could make a Group including “Complete/In Progress/Incomplete” checkboxes. Note that if you have more than five elements to incorporate, we recommend switching to using a Drop Down field instead.

Creating a Checkbox Group

  1. Drag a new Checkbox Group from the Template Fields panel: Add new field onto your template.

2. Click Group Items in the Properties panel, then click the [...] button.

3. In the dialog box that pops up, add entries for each Checkbox you plan to have inside this Group. The first entry represents the first checkbox of the Group, which is the one you just dragged onto your template.

4. Click Done. At this point, your new listings exist as new Checkboxes in under Template Fields, but they do not yet exist on your template.

5. By default, the view under Template Fields will change from Add New Fields to Template Fields the moment that you pull out a new Checkbox Group. If that’s not the case, click on Template Fields to expand that list.

6. Scroll to the new Group you’ve built and individually drag the generated Checkboxes from the Template Fields panel onto your template.

7. Once this is done, you’re ready to start using the Checkboxes. In the Template Fields panel, you may want to click on Add New Fields to switch back to that section.

Key Checkbox Group Properties

Group Items: The names of the checkboxes in this group. These names are added to the Template Fields section of the Template Fields panel on the left side of the Template Editor. After creating the Checkbox Group, you will need to add each individual Checkbox from the group into your form.

Item Name: The name of this Checkbox. This should be one of the names that was specified in the Group Items property.

Multi Select: Specifies whether or not you are allowed to select multiple Checkboxes from the group in the same form.

Display: The symbol that is used to fill in the box. Available options are Checkmark, Xmark, Circle, and Oval. A circle or oval may be handy if you want to circle an element on your form.

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