New Features & Updates

Bulk Transfer of Forms on the Web App Forms List

You can now bulk transfer forms that you own to another GoFormz user or Group from the Web App Forms List. Simply select the checkbox next to the forms you would like to transfer and select "Transfer Forms" in the Bulk Actions menu.

Note: If you have selected a form or forms that are owned by a group or by another user, the Transfer Forms option will not be available in the Bulk Actions menu.

Filter on Key Value in Database Field Filter Calculations

Note: This feature is available in Web App and Android App only [Pending next releases for iOS and Windows Apps]

Database filter property calculations can now include the Key as a filtered column. To filter on a Key column, include "Key" as your filter in your calculation followed by an = or <> and your filter criteria.

For example, the below calculation will filter my database field to show all available rows in my DataSource with a value of "AZ" in the State column OR do not have the value "Beverly Healthcare" in the Key column.

=Or("State"="AZ", "Key"<>"Beverly Healthcare")

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing an error to show for template events based on a template that was never published

  • Fixed a bug causing an error when uploading a CSV that has a duplicate column name when the header row is selected

  • Fixed a bug showing confusing Active user and Total user numbers on the Users & Groups when viewing a group

  • Fixed a bug allowing the Public Forms list filter to gets stuck when viewing the Public Forms starting page

Early Access Features

Early access features are available to participating accounts and have not been fully released. These features are subject to change prior to full release.

If you would like to participate in Early Access for any of the below features, please email or send us a message using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  1. Enhanced Calculation Builder - easily write, edit, test, and validate calculations using an in-app calculation builder on the Template Editor

  2. Template Versioning - have more control over your template changes by choosing when to save your template as a draft, preview those changes and ultimately publish to create a new available version for your form users.

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