New Features & Updates

  • Added support for filtering using the Key column in Database fields

  • Updated If, Choose, and Or functions to no longer evaluate both true and false expressions for parameters that are not used

  • Added a Save/Done button to Date & Date/Time fields

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing the Vlookup function to not work as expected in some scenarios

  • Fixed bug causing the Account Locale to be ignored in Windows 10 20H1 or later builds

  • Fixed a bug showing an error when opening template with no tabs or sections in List View

  • Fixed a bug causing the signature field to shrink when clicking into an already filled signature field

  • Fixed a bug causing the page visibility calculation not to work as expected when referencing a table value

  • Fixed a bug causing dropdown field values to not show in completed forms

  • Fixed a bug causing an "Unexpected Software Error" to show when loading a template with dropdown fields using a Dropdown Collection that has no options

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