New Features & Updates

Template Versioning - View Template History

Users can view a past version of a template in a read only Template Editor.

Once the template is open in the Template Form Editor, select the gear menu in the top right corner of the editor.

In the gear actions menu, select "Template History"

Next, a modal will open allowing the User to choose which version of the template they would like to view in Read only mode.

Note that you cannot update the template, as it is in Read only mode.

Bugs Fixed

  • Template Folders: Fixed a bug that caused deleting a template folder to not update json for template in that folder

  • Workflow: Fixed a bug that caused checkbox fields to load as True/False, causing runCalculations to not work for fields looking for true/false

  • Workflow Editor: Fixed a bug that caused field names with hyphens to not add auto add brackets around the field name

  • Template Editor: Fixed a bug regarding updating field property, if you clicked into another field, change did not take effect

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