New Features & Updates

Users and Groups

New User Welcome Email - Invite to Set Password

When adding a user to your account, a new Welcome Email will automatically be sent to the user's email address (GoFormz username) inviting them to set their password and access GoFormz as a member of your team. Learn more about managing your users and groups here.

Profile Page

All users can now view and manage their account details using the new Profile page. To access the Profile page, click on your account icon in the top right corner of the Web App. Then, select your name in the Account Management Menu.

Note: email address, first name, last name, and phone number are uneditable from the profile page. These elements can only be changed on the Edit User page by an Admin. Learn more about the Account Management Menu here.

Templates & Forms

View and Revert to a Previous Version of a Template

Template users can now view and revert to past versions of their templates in a Read-Only Template Editor on the Web App. Access the Read-Only view of a past Template Version by opening the Template History modal and selecting the linked version number you would like to view. In this view of the Template Editor, you can:

  • Review a past template version's form and list views

  • Select fields on the template and view their properties settings

  • Copy calculations or descriptions set in your fields

  • Replace your current published version with this past version using the Revert tool.

Note: In the read-only Template Editor, you cannot edit/add fields or modify the Form or List Views.

Learn more about template versioning and reverting to a past version here.

Table Fields - Set the Default Value for all Table Rows

You can now edit the default value of all rows in a Table Field at once by chooses the new Use Same Value property setting in the Template Editor. Alternatively, if you would like to edit each row's default value separately, choose the Use Individual Values option. Learn more here.

Dropdown Fields - Manage Dropdown Collections

You can now manage your Dropdown Field Collections using the new dedicated page accessed through the properties panel of a dropdown field in the Template Editor. Through the Dropdown Collection page, you can:

  • Review a full list of your collections available to be used across your templates

  • Rename a collection [new]

  • Edit any collection items

  • Create new collections

Learn more here.

Public Forms

Share Single-Use Public Forms Via Email

Public Form links that are generated from a Form (single-use public form links) are now able to be emailed to the recipient by a GoFormz user. This makes it easy to share your form directly and accomplish tasks like gathering a quick signature, validating the form details, completing a check-in form, etc.

When creating your Public Form, simply enter the name and the email address of the recipient in the final step. This will trigger an email to be sent to your chosen recipient with a link to open your Public Form from their desktop or mobile device.

Create a Public Form from the Web Form Editor

Additionally, we have added the ability to create a Public Form link based on a Form from the Form Editor on the Web App. Simply open the form you would like to send in the Web App Form Editor, navigate to Settings Menu and select "Create Public Form".

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing the New Form modal to show unpublished templates on the Web App

  • Fixed a bug causing an error in Auto-Email to be shown if deleting more than one email address at the same time

  • Fixed a bug causing the Value function to give different results when a comma is used in a number

  • Fixed a bug allowing List View section names to exceed the character limit

  • Fixed a bug causing an error to be shown when the attachment name has space before ".pdf" [Zapier integrations only]

  • Fixed a bug causing the Calculation Builder to extend beyond the screen when using the latest version of Chrome [Chrome Browser only]

  • Fixed a bug causing calculations to not run correctly if a number is smaller than 0.00009 [web app only - pending next mobile releases]

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