Dropdown fields are a great way to easily display available options to your form users. When adding a dropdown field to your Template, there are few different ways you can set the items you would like displayed.

Items Source

In order to determine which options should show in your Dropdown field, you must first choose the Items Source. You can choose to create a Custom list of items or use a Collection that is shared across all templates.

Custom List of Items

If you choose the custom list of items, you will see a button to "Customize" your dropdown field. Select the Customize button to open the Drop Down Options modal. Here you can add, edit and remove options, as well as set the default value if wanted.

  • Order: The position in which this item will appear in the Drop Down list (1=top, 2=second from top, etc.)

  • Display Name: The item name that will appear in the Drop Down list when it is expanded in the form.

  • Value: The value corresponding to this item. This value will appear in reports and will be passed to any formulas referencing this field.

  • Default: If you want this item to appear by default when the form is created, check this box.

Add new items using the Add button at the top, and remove them with the X next to each item.

Use a Collection of Items

If you would like to use a Collection of items that is shared across multiple template and dropdown fields, choose the "Collection" option under Items Source.

This will display two new settings for your Dropdown Field:

  • Collection: Choose the saved collection you would like used for this field.

  • Manage Collections: When selected, this will take you to a dedicated page where you can view, edit, rename and create new Dropdown Collections.

Other Drop Down Properties

  • Allow Other: Choose "Yes" to let the user write in an entry. Choose "No" to limit the set of allowed values to just the entries from the Select Items list.

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