New Features & Updates

Public Forms

Send a custom message along with your Single Use Public Form

When sharing a Single Use Public Form (based on a GoFormz form), you can now include a custom message to the recipient in the body of the email.

Post-Submit Email will now be shared with Single-Use Public Forms recipients

Once a Single Use Public Form is submitted, an email will be sent to the recipient with a PDF copy of the form they just submitted. This ensures that all parties who interacted with this form have a copy for future reference even if they don't have a GoFormz license.

Forms & Templates

View a Template's Version and last saved status from the Template Tab

You can now easily view a Template's last published version number and the last saved status of the template from the Templates Tab.

A new column has been added called "Current Version". Here you will see the last published version number of each template. If a Template does not show a Current Version number, that means that this template has never been published.

Similarly, if a template was last saved as a draft and has changes that have yet to be published, Draft will show to the right of the Template Name.

Exporting PDFs with Hidden Page

When exporting a PDF of a form, the PDF generator will now warn you if your PDF will include pages that are currently hidden on the form. Note: this will only show if the "PDF Exports should use Visible property" setting is not checked in the PDF Export Settings of a Template.

Account Management

New Feature: Set Company Name

Admins can now set the company name they would like to be displayed on the New User Welcome Email. This can be updated at any time by an Admin in the Web App on the Settings page. If no company name is set for an account, you will be prompted to set this name before being able to add a new user.

Additional Updates

Notification Center

A notification will show when a Form is transferred to the user that is logged in [Web App Only]. Note: a notification will not show if the user takes ownership of a form because this is an action that they are already aware of.


Added support for DateValue function to parse ISO-8601 dates (web only)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing exported user lists to not include users who are not assigned to a group

  • Fixed a bug causing the Allow Other property to not work in Database Table Columns

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