New Features & Updates

Forms and Templates

PDF Generator support for Thai language characters [available on web app only, available on mobile apps in August]


Link to new Job run: When rerunning a Workflow Job, you will now see a link to the new job created in the banner message

Advanced Workflows Functionality

  • Create Form Step will now reference the form owner's User or Group name directly, instead of the User or Group ID

  • Added support for user-friendly conditions under Advanced settings for steps

Bugs Fixed


  • GoFormz Services Steps

    • Fixed a bug causing the Create Form and Transfer Form steps to create a blank owner if referencing a username

    • Fixed a bug causing the Get Form Images step to not use file names from field mapping

  • Procore App

    • Fixed a bug causing the Create Inspection app to not accept decimal values

Early Access Features

Early access features are available to participating accounts and have not been fully released. These features are subject to change prior to full release.

If you would like to participate in Early Access for any of the below features, please email or send us a message using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Flexible Templates

Build a Template with just a Form View OR just a List View

Create templates that are tailored to your needs by using only the view that is best for the data you are collecting. With Flexible Templates, templates will no longer be dependent on a PDF or JPG upload to start. Instead, Templates can be created using just a list view OR just a form view or add both in the Template Editor. Exiting Templates can also be updated to display just one view if the other is not needed.

Signature 2.0

Available for Web App only (not included on Public Forms or Mobile Apps yet)

Allow signature fields to be signed with more flexibility by giving form users the choice of how to sign:

  • Type to sign

  • Draw to sign

  • Both

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