New Features & Updates

Single View Templates - Build a template as just a Form View or just a List View

Rather than requiring users to upload a form to get started, our new Template creation flow allows users to select which way they would like to build their form: in Form View or List View.

Once you select how you would like to create your form, you will be brought to the Template Editor, where:

  • If Form View is selected: you will be prompted to upload or drag-and-drop a form into the Template Editor, which you can then drag fields onto.

  • If List View is selected: you will be prompted to drag-and-drop fields into the center of the Template Editor, where you can be easily reorganized, and added to Sections and Tabs.

Similarly, all existing Templates can now be updated to only include one View.

For example, say you have a Template that is primarily built in Form View, but your form users continually go to the List View and think something is wrong with the template when they don't find any fields to enter their data. Now, you can remove that List View from the template and all new forms created by Form Users will only show the Form View.

Learn more about this new feature release here.

Signature 2.0 for Web - Signature Fields

Signature Fields just got an upgrade. On the Web Form Editor and Public Form Editor, signature fields can now have the option to be signed by:

  1. Type to Sign Only

  2. Draw to Sign Only

  3. Either option

1. To update enable a Signature Field to allow Type to Sign, Draw to Sign, or both, start by opening the desired template in the Template Editor.

2. Select an existing Signature Field or drag a new one onto your Form or List View. Navigate to the Properties Panel to the right and select the Signing Method (New property).

By default, all existing signature fields will be set to "Draw" in the signing method and will need to be manually updated by a Form Builder in the Template Editor for Forms to begin using the new method of signing.

Note: this feature is only available for WEB users and is not available on the Mobile Apps as of this release. Check back later this month for an update on the Mobile Apps.

Workflow - Google Drive Upload File Step Improvements

The GoFormz Workflow team has reimagined how to configure the destination path for your Google Drive Upload File workflow step. This process is now more intuitive and easier to choose the right elements for your workflow goals.

1. Start by choosing a Connection that has already been set up on the Connected Apps page.

2. Next select the Drive you would like to save your file to. Once this field is clicked on, a dropdown of available options will show based on the Connection you chose.

3. Finally, select your folder path which will show you a list of the available folder within the Drive you selected above.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing the Error details not to show when an error message is triggered for Dropdown Collections

  • Fixed a bug causing the Edit User Save Button to show a generic error message

  • Fixed a bug causing the web app's more menu to display even if there are no menu items available

  • Fixed a bug causing a renamed DataSource to not update if the only change was the name

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