New Features & Updates

Public Forms Share Enhancements

Single-Use Public Form links (based on a Form) are now easier to share from the GoFormz Web App. Using the create Public Form modal, simply choose to share by:

  1. Sending your link as an email

  2. Sending your link as a text message

  3. Copying your link to be shared in any way you’d like

Note: Only Form-Based/Single Use Public Form links can be shared by Text Message or Email. Template-Based/Multi-use Public Form links will still be shared using the Copy Link method.

Learn more about creating and sharing a Public Form here.

Friendly and Secure Public Form Links

We have also made the links provided for a Public Form (for both Form and Template-based Public Form links) shorter so that they can be more manageably shared regardless of the method.

Note: Template-Based Public Forms can ONLY be shared using the copy link option.

Learn more about creating and sharing a Public Form here.

Bugs Fixed

General Bugs

  • Fixed a bug causing the reordering of report columns to not be placed as intended

  • Fixed a bug not allowing User Email to contain a + character

Workflow & Connected Apps

  • Fixed a bug preventing a Dropbox connection to be successfully created on the Connected Apps page

  • Fixed a bug causing the OneDrive upload file Workflow step to not accept folders or files with certain characters

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