New Features & Updates

Support for Signature 2.0 on iOS App

The ability to draw to sign or type to sign when using a signature field.

iOS devices will now support the Signature 2.0 field which includes the ability to choose to Type to Sign or Draw to Sign on any given document depending on the settings set in the Template Editor.

Note: This feature is supported on the Android, iOS, and Web App at this time. Windows App support will follow in the coming weeks.

Additional New Features

  • Added support for Char() function

  • Added support for the Thai Language in the PDF Generator

  • Added support for Date/Time Format property in Table Columns

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing Deeplinks to not navigate to the correct page every time

  • Fixed a bug causing Webview Custom Actions to not operate as expected

  • Fixed a bug causing the View toggle to show incorrect view selected

  • Fixed a bug causing forms to be saved with the wrong template version

  • Fixed a bug where some EDITED_FIELD formulas were not running as expected

  • Fixed a bug causing DataSources to not operate as expected on iOS

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