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Workflow Jobs - Review Logs of individual Re-Run Attempts for each Job

When you Re-Run a Job, instead of showing it as a brand new job, it will now be treated as a new attempt on the same job. Below are the details of what has been updated.

  • We added a unique identifier to each Workflow Job. This reference number is a unique identifier for each workflow job, so the workflow job can be easily referenced.

  • Status: The colored dot next to each job is its most recent job attempt status.

  • Start Date: The date and time when the job was first triggered (the initial attempt)

To view job details, simply click on the job name, or expand the job’s Actions menu and select View Log. This will bring up the log information for the selected job.

Here, you can view the details of each attempt run for this Job. A new attempt is created when the Job you are viewing is rerun by either selecting the “Re-Run” button in the top right corner or the “Re-Run” option in the Action menu on the previous page. You can toggle between the attempts to view specific details.

Learn more about Workflow Jobs here.

Sketch Field - Set Image Align property across all instances

You can now set the background image alignment on a Sketch field across all instances of that same Sketch field for a single Template.

The Image Align property for Sketch fields will now live under the Field section of the Properties panel. This means that, when set for one instance of this field, the setting will be true for all instances of this field on the template.

Note: All existing instances of the same Sketch field will update to have the same Image Align setting as the first field instance on that template. This does not affect independent Sketch fields that do not appear on the template multiple times.

For example: Say you have a Sketch field that shows on pages 1, 3, and 5 of your template. Before this update, the first sketch field on page 1 had the Image Align property set to Center and, on pages 3 and 5, the same sketch field had the Image Align property set to Top Left.

After this update, all instances of this sketch field (pages 1, 3, and 5) will be updated to have the Image Align property set to Center, following the guidelines of the first instance of the sketch field on the template.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an incorrect spelling of the word “Collect” on the subscription page

  • Fixed a bug causing a 500 error when duplicating a List View only template

  • Azure Blob Storage Integration

    • Fixed a bug causing an authentication error if special characters are in the Form name

  • GoFormz Services Command

    • "Update DataSource Rows" updating DataSource fields as blank if not included in Column Mapping

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