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Required Fields in Workflow
Required Fields in Workflow

How required fields work in the Workflow tool.

Updated over a week ago

Required inputs in the Workflow tool must be filled in for the step to function properly. If a required input is left blank in the Workflow, you will be unable to Save your new Workflow or Workflow changes. This will help prevent Workflows from being created that will ultimately fail due to missing input information. Find details to update workflows here.

Below are details on how we alert you that Required fields are missing from your Workflow.

Until all required fields are submitted, the Save button will be disabled.

When you move away from a step, GoFormz will look for Required fields. If Required fields are missing it will highlight the step in red.

Navigate to the highlighted step to find Required fields highlighted in red.

Once the Required fields are inputted, the red highlighting will be removed & you will be able to Save your Workflow.

Updating Workflows with Required fields

Your original workflows will not be impacted by the enforced required fields. However, if you have an existing workflow that you would like to make changes to or you’ve copied an existing workflow to build off of, you may need to make updates in order to Save your workflow.

Depending on your workflow, you may need to move your Key/Value inputs if you see any Red highlighted fields indicating the missing Required field.

In the example below, filePath and source URL need to be moved up to Upload Path & File Urls.

Once you have migrated all the Key/Value pairs, you will need to remove them from the Key/Value section. Please note, we recommend waiting to remove the Key/Value pair until you have copied all of the fields over.

After these changes you will be able to Save your workflow.

For a more detailed review, watch the videos below.

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